The York County Recorder of Deeds, Laura Shue, would like to announce a public service to all York County Homeowners:

The Recorder of Deeds Office has been receiving a growing number of calls concerning deed and record safety.

As of October 1st, our office has implemented a “Records Notification Service” for all homeowners in York County.

The service is designed to provide security and assurance, no document is recorded without the homeowner’s knowledge.

Sign up is “FREE” at the York County website, Recorder of Deeds, webpage.

There will never be a charge to sign up. You will need to provide a valid email address and your property ID number found on your county tax bill or look up on the website. Your email address and property ID number are protected and not shared with any other sources through this program.

The homeowner will be alerted by email, when a document is recorded with their Property ID Number attached.

This service can identify fraudulent activity that may have occurred without the homeowner’s knowledge.

If you receive an alert, the program will guide you to another website to view the document. Should you choose to print from this website, there will be a small charge.

Take advantage of this important safety service. It is easy to sign up and easy to unsubscribe at any time.

There is no risk to the homeowner by signing up, only the benefit of peace of mind.

Laura Shue

You can download the official press release HERE.