Notice is hereby given that the 2023 proposed municipal budgets are available for public review for the following funds: General, Payroll, Liquid Fuels, Sewer, Recreation, Grant, and Capital/Reserve. These are available on the website,, or copies can be obtained at the borough office during normal business hours, M-F 9am to 3pm, located at 350 E. Sixth Street, York, PA, 17404. These budgets are presented with no municipal tax rate increases being proposed for 2023. These funds are balanced budget proposals with the following revenues and expenses: General (1,334,770/1,331,430), Payroll (334,100/334,100), Liquid Fuels (224,875/0), Sewer (1,378,370/1,537,893), Recreation (26,488/15,000), Grant (477,417/250,000), Capital/Reserve (577,231/140,000). Council intends to vote on the budget at their December 13th meeting, 6:30pm. Questions can be directly to David W. Bolton, Borough Manager, at