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North York Borough Resident Services

Snow Emergencies

When a Snow Emergency is declared: Listen to local TV and radio stations for time and date of effect. No parking is in effect during snow emergencies on following streets:

  • East Fifth Avenue
  • East Sixth Avenue
  • East Seventh Avenue
  • East Eighth Avenue
  • West Ninth Avenue
  • East Tenth Avenue
  • Chapel Drive
  • Columbia Avenue
  • Duke Street (from 800 block to borough line)

Fines are $50.00 and vehicles will be towed at the owners expense.

Street Sweeping Schedule

All vehicles shall be removed from the streets prior to 7:00 am the day of sweeping. Sweeping will occur between 7am and 3 pm. Any vehicles left on the street will be ticketed.

Street sweeping will be conducted on the third full week in May:

2017 - May 22, 23 and 24.
2018 - May 21, 22 and 23.

Street list updated May 22, 2017

Monday Tuesday Wednesday

West side
N. George St.
N Duke St.
Latimer St.

North side
5th Ave.
6th Ave.
7th Ave.
9th Ave.
Sigsbee Ave.
Hamilton Ave.

Both sides
Albright Ave.
Court St.
Portner Way
Sharp Way
Everhart St.
Witmer La.

East side
N. George St.
N Duke St.
Latimer St.

South side
5th Ave.
6th Ave.
7th Ave.
9th Ave.
11th Ave.
Sigsbee Ave.

Both sides
1st Ave.
2nd Ave.
3rd Ave.
4th Ave.
8th Ave.
10th Ave.
Columbia Ave.

Both sides
Pine St.
Queen St.
Meade St.
Elk Ave.
Olympia Ave.
N. Beaver St.
Dewey St.
Chapel Dr.
Schley Alley
Howard Ave.
Laurel St.
Cemetery Way
Hill St.
Lecrone La.
Pump St.


Sewer is billed quarterly and to the arrears. Bills are sent out the middle of the month following the quarter ending date. Billing quarters are as follows:

1st Quarter ends March 31 Middle of April
2nd Quarter ends June 30 Middle of July
3rd Quarter ends September 30 Middle of October
4th Quarter ends December 31 Middle of January

Sewer Rate - $85.00 per quarter

Sewer payments should be sent to:

North York Borough
350 East Sixth Avenue
York, PA 17404

Send a check or money order payable to North York Borough


Penn Waste is the current contracted waster hauler for the Borough.

Refuse Rate - $59.85 per quarter

Trash pick up is Monday and Thursday of each week with a limit of 4 bags or cans, and not over 50 pounds in weight.

Large item pick up will be on Thursdays. No stoves, washers, dryers, refrigerators, or water heaters.

Electronics Recycling

The York County Solid Waste Authority hosts a Residential Electronics Recycling Program for York County residents.

The program is free and open to York County residents ONLY and will be conducted Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. every week at the Authority’s parking area located on Black Bridge Road in Manchester Township across from the incinerator.

(Please note the new hours effective November 8, 2016)

Visit the York County Solid Waste Authority recycle electronics page for details.


The Borough of North York - 350 East Sixth Avenue - York, Pennsylvania 17404
Phone: (717) 845-3976 - Fax: (717) 852-9394