Borough building North York Borough

350 East Sixth Avenue, York, PA 17404
Phone: (717) 845-3976
Fax: (717) 852-9394

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Online Complaint Form

The link below will open up a complaint form that can be filled in and emailed to the borough for follow up. Adobe Reader is required to use the form.

Online Complaint Form


North York Borough Contacts

Officials and Boards

Borough Council

Richard Shank, President
Bill Jackson, Vice President
Vivian Amspacher
Chris Kaltrieder
Deb Smith
Jamie Moore
Gary Braham


Jerrold Duncan


Brittany Reed


Sonya Grim

Borough Solicitor

Walter Tilly
Stock & Leader

Zoning Officer

Larry Shroyer

Zoning Solicitor

John (Jack) Elliott
Anstine & Sparler Law

Tax Collector

Keith Ramsay

Housing Appeals Board

Alain Kearney, Chairman
Duane Doll
Scott Smith

Planning Board

Deb Smith, Chairperson
Melvina Clagg
Weston Teare
Denny Brunk
Jeremy Yorke

Vacancy Board

Jamie Moore, Chairman
Bill Jackson
Gary Braham
Dennis Brunk

Zoning Board

Duane Doll, Chairman
Richard Emswiller
Nancy Brunk
Chris Wilhelm
Erika Morgan


Buildings and Grounds

Gary Braham, Chairman
Bill Jackson
Chris Kaltrider
Steve Miller, alternate


Rick Shank, Chairman
Gary Braham
Jamie Moore
Deb Smith, alternate

Personnel Committee

Rick Shank, Chairman
Jamie Moore
Gary Braham
Deb Smith, alternate
Vivian Amspacher, alternate

Public Safety Committee

Richard Shank, Chairman
Northern Regional Police representative
Fire Chief
Ambulance representative
Public Works representative

Public Works

Bill Jackson, Chairman
Gray Braham
Rick Shank
Steve Miller
Mike Laugerman

Recreation Committee

Mark Taylor, Chairperson
Octavia Taylor
Joyce Teare
Bill Teare
Dee Gray
Brittany Reed
Deb Smith, Council representative


Chris Kaltreider, Chairman
Rick Shank
Vivian Amspacher
Mayor Andre Palmer

Regional Police Department Representatives

Mayor Andre Palmer
Deb Smith, alternate

Right to Know Officers

Jamie Moore
Deb Smith, alternate

Other Agencies

Commercial Building Inspection

Commonwealth Code Inspection
40 West 11th Avenue
York, PA 17404
Phone: (717) 846-2004
Fax: (717) 846-2294

Police Protection

Northern York County Regional Police
Phone: (717) 292-3647
or (717) 292-5087
Fax: (717) 292-0364
Emergency Dial 911

Fire Protection

Liberty Volunteer Fire Co.
Phone (717) 854-2169
Emergency Dial 911

Emergency Medical Services

White Rose Ambulance
Phone (717) 848-4740
Emergency Dial 911

District Justice 19-2-05

Jennifer J.P. Clancy
1410 Sixth Avenue
York, PA 17403
Phone (717) 845-5508

Animal Control

York County SPCA
Phone (717) 764-6109

Pennsylvania Right to Know Law

Pennsylvania Office of Open Records




The Borough of North York - 350 East Sixth Avenue - York, Pennsylvania 17404
Phone: (717) 845-3976 - Fax: (717) 852-9394